how to Create Highly Realistic Lipstick in Photoshop

Create Highly Realistic Lipstick in Photoshop Tutorial.

Create Highly Realistic Lipstick in Photoshop

Create Luscious Lipstick employing. a Secret Combination of mix Modes and totally different reminder colorize Photoshop. Understanding the elemental ideas of, however “Screen” and “Multiply” mix mode works.

we are going to work on the highlights and also the shadows of the lips. on an individual basis and apply totally different shades.


during this tutorial. we are going to use many solid color adjustment layers with totally different. reminder red (or any color of your choice) with varied mix modes and mask it to the lips in several areas consequently to mimic the properties of a lipstick and reproduce its depth and shine. I hope this tutorial helps you. many thanks such a lot for watching! NOTE: If you would like to support this channel, please use these links to shop for something from Amazon.

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