Photoshop | Realistic watercolor Effect Look of Gorgeous, Mixed Media Portraits.

Make Watercolor Color Effect Look of Gorgeous, Mixed Media Portraits


Hi, this is Sohan from the graphicsohan channel. I’m going to show you how to create the look of gorgeous mixed-media portraits. Before we begin if you’re not a subscriber to my channel. Hit that small subscribe button at the lower right corner.    I included two files that you can download. So you can follow along they are located in my video’s description below. One is this watercolor image and the other is a watercolor paper texture.  That we’ll use later to create a pattern.

Watercolor Effects And Progress:

Open a sharp well-focused profile of someone. I downloaded this one from Shutter-stock. The first step is to separate your subject from its background by making a selection around your subject there are many ways to do this but for this example. I’ll use the quick selection tool if you’re using this tool as well. I find that a radius of approximately 10 pixels. Generally works well for most images that have resolutions from 72 to 150 pixels per inch. Drag your tool over the inside of your subject to remove selections outside your subject press and hold alt or option as you drag over those areas.


Once your subject has a selection around it to refine its edges. Go to select if you’re using a recent version of Photoshop.            Click select and mask however if you’re using an earlier version click refine edge. Open refine edge check smart radius to adjust the size of your tool make sure your caps-lock key isn’t on and press the left or right bracket key on your keyboard.  Drag your tool over the soft edges of your subject like the hair check decontaminates colors.

Photoshop | Realistick watercolor Effect Look of Gorgeous, Mixed Media Portraits.

Which prevents the background color from leaching into the edges of your subject? I’ll slide it all the way to a 100% output.     It to a new layer with layer mask Then click OK.  We’ll convert a visible image into a smart object so we can modify it non-destructively to do this.  Click the icon at the upper right of the layers panel and click convert to smart object.

Next, we’ll create a new document which will place our subject on to go to file and new make its width 2500 pixels and its height 2500 pixels. Its resolution is 150 pixels per inch. The color mode is RGB and 8 bits per channel the background is white then click create or Ok. Open the watercolor paper you’re I provided go to edit and define pattern then click OK. Open the document you created click the adjustment layer icon and click pattern make the scale 50%.


Shift-click the background to make it active as well and convert them into one smart object. Change its blend mode to multiply. Open back your subject press V to open your move tool and drag it onto the tab of your new document without releasing your mouse. Resize it press Ctrl or command T to open your transform tool. Go to a corner and when you see  diagonal double-arrow. Press and hold alt or option + shift as you drag it in. Out then press Enter or return track your subject below the background you can see the paper texture through your subject because we change the paper textures blend mode to multiply.

 The Photoshop  Realistic watercolor Effect layers:

Scroll to the bottom of the layers panel and double-click the Smart Filters blending options icon change its blend mode to color dodge and it’s opacity to 70%. We’ll make a new layer below our subject by ctrl-clicking or command-clicking the new layer icon. Fill it with white but first check your foreground and background colors. Make the watercolor paint layer active and click the layer mask icon to make a layer mask next to it. We’ll brush black paint strokes in the layer mask which will mask out or hide the watercolor paint inside the areas we brush into the layer mask.

Open your brush tool and brush picker as you scrolled down. If you don’t see the watercolor brushes folder download it from the link I provided. It located  down the description below in my project files once you download the brushes double click and install it. Click on the brush tool. Select the brush I’m using a brush called Kyle’s real watercolor natural edge texture. Let’s mask out the paint texture to the left of our subjects. Face doing this make a selection of the face by ctrl-clicking or command-clicking the thumbnail of the face layer. Invert the selection by pressing ctrl or command shift I to see our selection. Now delete the area out of the face try low opacity and to be higher. Ok Thank for Visit here And Subscribe to my channel.

Download File From here:

Model: From Sutterstock

Brush: Download

Watercolor Effect: Download


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